leewoogyam asked: Hi! I read your last update for infinite salvation and.. it was beautiful ;w; how can this story be better and better every time ;A; you are amazing çwç and as I said before, Soohyun is seriously my favorite character 'till now... him and Dongwoo are asjflaòskhfjskdlgh for lack of better 'words' xD I hope you will receive my messages here, because it seems like tumblr likes to eat basicaly 99% of the messages i send .__."

ahhh Thank you so much!!! x) I’m so happy to hear Soohyun is your favorite character because he’s an OC so that’s extra awesome! Yeah tumblr gets a bit hungry sometimes. ;) You can always resend if you don’t get a response! I don’t ignore messages so if you don’t get one it has indeed been eaten.

Thank you so much!!! You made me very happy <3 <3 <3

#bbuing--bbuing #replies #i never know whether to post messages or answer privately... #let me know if you want me to answer privately! #this is a lovely message #I feel so happy :D #Thank you~~~~~~~~

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  1. leewoogyam said: Aigooo I’m just sayin the truth >w< your fanfic is beautiful and you are an amazing writer çwç And it’s ok if you want to publish messages, I don’t mind <3
  2. duizhangdeluxe said: katinga you are my favorite inspirit this is precious
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